Our ambition is to develop a completely environmentally friendly and maintenance-saving product to be a part of football's positive development.

XL Turf is fully compliant with the Governments national goal of a non-toxic and safe environment

End of rubber infill

Turf with no health hazards

Rubber infill on playgrounds, stadiums and football fields have been to blame for many health concerns such as exposed risk to respiratory issues and many foot injuries such as ankle sprains. These infills are small leftover rubber parts from various industries that are sprayed over the artifical turf in order to provide additional cushioning for players. XL Turf has decided to improve the cushioning to a level that it does not need any rubber part infill, instead the turf has been developed to be soft enough to avoid injury and strain, but hard enough to avoid fatigue. A perfect blend that also focuses on our body and health. XL turf has in this regard been developed to be a product that takes regard to the environment as well as children's and youth health by removing the hazardous material. These goals are in line with the Swedish Authorities national goal to work towards a non-toxic and secure living environment by removing dangerous chemicals in our every day life.